We can help you make a customized commercial for your business, like this commercial made for the Iowa Theater by Brenden Pugh. 

Advertise at the Iowa!
Moviegoers spend an average of 14 minutes in their seats before the movie starts. The are relaxed, receptive and captivated, ensuring you will have their full attention. Nine of our ten moviegoers prefer to see a pre-show as opposed to a blank screen. 

Be Part of the Pre-Show
Our pre-show advertising program has two options: our still ads loop starts when the doors open, thirty minutes before each film begins. The Iowa presents up to 20 still advertisements during the pre-show. Our commercial ads begin once the lights dim. Commercials can be up to thirty seconds in length and the Iowa presents up to six of commercials at a time. We can seat up to 159 people and generally offer six movie screenings per week. 


Exposure For Your Products or Services
Your still ad will be seen up to six times each screening, 36 times each week, 144 times each month. Commercial ads are seen once per screening, up to six times a week and 24 times each month. 

Farmers & Merchants State Bank still ad, designed by Carol Bassett. 

Farmers & Merchants State Bank still ad, designed by Carol Bassett. 

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise at the Iowa? 

  • Still ads are $100/month, with discounts for extended commitments. 
  • Commercial ads are $300/month, with discounts for extended commitments. 

Making Your Ads and Commercials
If you need assistance with artwork, the Iowa proudly works with local artists to create your ads and commercials for an additional fee that goes directly to the arists. 

The Iowa Offers the Most Economical Advertising in Town!
On average, the Iowa Theater welcomes 1,000 audience member a month. Spending your advertising dollars with the Iowa Theater keeps moviegoers thinking locally and educates them on what your business offers. You can promote upcoming events, special discounts, announcements and more!

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