121 N John Wayne Drive
Winterset, Iowa 50273
P: 515-462-2979
E: rebecca@the-iowa.com


Volunteers will primarily work during the Wednesday and Saturday evening screenings and will act as a greeter and ticket taker so that our patrons can quickly grab their popcorn and their seats! Volunteers will be expected to work at least one evening a month, with opportunity to volunteer more as needed and requested. Volunteers should be comfortable standing for over an hour at a time. We welcome volunteers age 15 and up, and volunteers will be offered a regular screening movie pass for each two hour shift they work and are also welcome to sit and watch the screening after their shift concludes if there are seats available. Please email Rebecca Fons at rebecca@the-iowa.com with your interest in volunteering!

While the Iowa Theater is not currently hiring new employees, we encourage interested individuals to fill out an application (available at our concession stand during opening hours). Qualified candidates will be contacted when we are actively hiring.